Raffle winner: Jen Day Community Development Foundation, Caroline Boyce, winner of the basketball signed by the Perth Wildcats, and Community Development Foundation founder, Barry Cable, at the presentations. In the air: Players wait for referee Reid Mullen to toss the ball.

Volunteers: Kyra Quinn, Sue Dowson and Brian Roderick serve up a great sausage sizzle at the basketball.

IN a bid to get the Wagin Basketball Club back up and running, more than 60 people of all ages took part in a basketball extravaganza in Wagin on Tuesday, last week.

The extravaganza started off with scratch matches followed by some hotly contested games refereed by Reid Mullen and Jodie Becker from Wagin District High School.

There was lots of subbing of players to ensure everyone had an opportunity to play.

On the second court, parents and older siblings were seen to be helping the younger children with their game skills and game play.

Following on from the matches, a sausage sizzle drew the crowd for refreshments and presentations from the extravaganza supporters.

Guest presenter and well-known football identity and founder of the Community Development Found ation, Barry Cable, addressed the gathering prior to the raffle draw.

Mr Cable’s presentation was inspiring and discussed the benefits of becoming a volunteer including the support it provides children; the great feeling you get when you belong to a club; and also the health benefits you get by being active, not only physically, but also mentally, by getting out in the community and getting involved.

Mr Cable specifically highlighted the importance of parents and carers becoming involved in their child’s sport and the benefit this has not only for themselves, but for their children and the wider community.

In closing, he issued a plea to those at the meeting to step up and take on the running of the club for the benefits of all those concerned.

Other presenters included the Club Passport Program, Kidsport and the Active After School Communities Program.

Supporters of the extravaganza included the Community Development Foundation, YMCA, Department of Sport and Recreation, Attorney-General’s Department, 1ife, Rural Community Support Services, Keedac, the Shire of Wagin and the Australian Sports Commission.

The raffle saw a basketball signed by Perth Wildcats won by local girl and basketball player Caroline Boyce.

As a result of the extravaganza, several people volunteered to be part of the Wagin Basketball Club, from committee members to coaches to referees to canteen and uniform helpers.

There are still a lot of opportunities to get involved, and the more help the better and so for more information about how you can help out or if you are interested in playing, contact the Shire of Wagin.

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