Caught: Five employees have been sacked following investigations into the mistreatment of turkeys at Ingham’s Tahmoor site.Picture: Simon BennettFIVE employees have been sacked from Ingham’s Tahmoor processing plant after video of turkeys being bashed, kicked and stomped were made public last week.

Video monitoring was also installed within the live bird handling areas at Tahmoor at the weekend in response to the incident.

Animal Liberation’s campaign manager Emma Hurst said the video showed “absolutely horrific cruelty” and was some of the worst acts of cruelty Animal Liberation had seen.

“We need to start questioning how it can be stopped,” she said.

The video was sent to Animal Liberation with a short note attached saying where it was taken before it was aired on ABC’s Lateline last week.

Ms Hurst said Animal Liberation would like to see video monitoring in all NSW abattoirs.

She said the video was the first instance of abuse it had heard of at the Tahmoor plant.

Ms Hurst said Animal Liberation had identified in the video 136 instances of animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty (cruelty so bad it led to the animal’s death or injuries so severe it would be cruel to keep the animal alive).

Camden police’s crime manager Andy Richmond said Camden officers had picked up a portable hard drive from the Animal Liberation head office in Sydney on Friday.

“We believe that hard drive has about 10 days of footage on it,” said Detective Chief Inspector Richmond. “It’s going to take some time to examine it in detail.”

Ingham’s chief executive Kevin Bain said in a statement that Ingham did “not tolerate the mistreatment”‘ of livestock and was committed to co-operating with investigations.

“We are investigating and working with all relevant parties to address and resolve these intolerable incidents,” he stated.

“We condemn the animal abuse we have seen in the footage and will — as a matter of urgency — work to review, retain and reinforce our animal-welfare standards throughout our organisation. Ingham has a strong commitment to animal welfare.

“We have best-practice animal-welfare programs and standards in place. We work with regulatory animal welfare specialists to ensure these programs are active and operating throughout all aspects of the company.

“The programs are regularly audited internally and by second- and third-party auditors to ensure compliance with standards.”

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